Presentation Guidlines

Posters: The maximum size of posters is 90 cm wide x 120 cm tall (portrait orientation) (36 inches wide x 48 inches tall). There will be unopposed poster sessions to meet the presenters. Each poster will be up for half the meeting. Posters in poster group 1 (POS-1) will be presented Monday-Tuesday, and posters in poster group 2 (POS-2) will be presented Wednesday-Thursday.

Oral Presentations:  The format for slides is 16:9. Standard Contributed talks are 15 minutes long (12 minutes of talk and 3 minutes for questions). The length of symposium talks are determined by the symposium organizers but will be multiples of 15 minutes to keep the schedule synchronized; symposium speakers should build time for questions and answers into their allotted time.

Lightning Talks:  The format for slides is 16:9. Lightning talk slots are 5 minutes. Speakers should plan to speak for no more than 4 minutes to allow changeover from one talk to the next, or 3 minutes if time for one question and answer is desired.